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Match Maker a program for teaching children to identify objects playing a game
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Match Maker is an application for teaching children to identify numbers, letters, animals, colors, shapes and objects, by playing a game.
The program comes with different games for the different subjects to learn. Each game waits for the children to match the expected pair of subjects and make them disappear from the main window. When the child clicks correctly on the desired square, a 'success' sound will indicate it so. Any mistake is announced by a funny voice, so the child will associate when it is correct or not, helping it to learn names, words and shapes. The number of guesses will also indicate how many tries the child has employed to clean the whole screen, and that's another part of the game, when more than one child play in competition.

The program is ideal for children's memory and concentration training by means of several games.

The application offers the possibility of matching pictures with pictures and pictures with their names, upper and lower case letters, etc. Also, the program brings the printing option, to offer other data for children training.

Ignacio Solves
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